The Hopewell Inn

Before iPhones, Facebook, Gluten-Free, Miley Cyrus, and a slew of other awful things, there was The Hopewell Inn.

Going strong since 18… well, we’re just really damn old, okay? From what we can find on the “interweb,” The Hopewell Inn dates back to the late 1800s, where it was used as a tenant house for railroad workers. Since then, it’s passed hands a few times, and in 1991, landed in the hands of Dawn & Tom Weber. They’ve been the owners ever since & are widely known as joke-cracking, straightforward, and good-hearted. These qualities are what many have come to expect from The Hopewell Inn. We tell-it-how-it-is, love each & every person who enter our doors (yes, even the annoying ones), and keep things honest. Dawn & Tom will be the first to tell you they’re not trying to get rich off of their businesses. Instead, they want to create places that people of all backgrounds can enjoy good company, food, and drinks.

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Beach Yard Beacon

The Beach Yard

Got a cheap husband who won’t take you on vacation? Well, that’s what The Beach Yard is for! We put in a huge, outdoor, and sand-filled beach yard so that we can all experience the beautiful weather during the six days we get sun each year in Upstate New York. Grab a beer, take a seat, put your feet in the sand, and enjoy live acoustic music every Saturday!

Inside the Hopewell Inn

The Hopewell Inn

Hasn’t changed in 100 years, but that’s just part of the ambiance! We’re a true dive bar. Instead of charging an arm and a leg for drinks & food, we keep our prices low. Most likely haven’t changed since we bought the place. Draft beer is only $1.50 & $1 during happy hour. We’re not trying to get rich – unless you’re offering!